ADM files wheat gluten anti-dumping petition

20 August 20202 min reading

ADM Agri-Industries Co., which owns and operates a facility that produces wheat gluten located at Candiac Québec, has filed an anti-dumping complaint against imports of wheat gluten from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania and Australia.

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) launched a probe into whether wheat gluten from six countries is being dumped in Canada at prices undercutting the domestic product.

ADM said its complaint “seeks a level playing field to compete on fair and equal terms imports in the Canadian market.”

The company issued the following statement: “ADM has received notice that the Complaint is “properly documented”, and ADM anticipates that a formal anti-dumping investigation will be initiated by the CBSA on August 14, 2020. The Complaint assert that European and Australian wheat gluten exporters are dumping in the Canadian market at prices which are both substantially below the cost to produce wheat gluten and substantially below what these exporters charge in their domestic markets. Unfair dumping adversely impacts Canadian industry, threatening new investment and Canadian jobs. The Complaint seeks a level playing field to compete on fair and equal terms imports in the Canadian market. Under the normal investigation schedule, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (“CITT”) will issue a preliminary determination as to whether the evidence discloses a reasonable indication of material injury to the domestic industry by October 13 and the CBSA will make preliminary dumping determinations by November 12. If the CITT determinations are affirmative, the CBSA will impose preliminary antidumping duties on imports from the subject countries as of the date of the preliminary dumping determination.”

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