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Maintenance, repair and technical service are significant since they affect lifetime of milling machines and ensure them to work non-stop at desired levels. If regular and good maintenance is not performed, machines cannot work for long years. Expenditures on maintenance cannot show direct returns, but they are very important for guaranteeing the overall return from the operation.

Maintenance is defined as the set of tasks that involve activities like changing, lubricating, cleaning etc. of components that are worn or have to be changed periodically or have a life time that expired and making adjustments according to user guides. Aim of maintenance is to decrease costs, increase production efficiency and product quality, ensure production continuity and personnel safety, and increase useful life.

Insufficient maintenance results in shutdowns for the mill and causes a decrease in capacity and inadequate production. Accelerated amortizations for machines, increase in mineral oils and product costs are also among results of insufficient maintenance. And the ultimate results may be loss of prestige and bankruptcy because of poor quality products.

Expenditures on maintenance cannot show direct returns, but they are very important for guaranteeing the overall return from the operation. Small amounts of costs for maintenance can prevent the mill from far reaching breakdowns and a huge financial damage. Besides, regular maintenance on machines also decrease spare part and service costs. We can diagnose many problems in the mill at early stages thanks to maintenance. One of the first things to examine when a mill is experiencing poor results is the maintenance.

Adequate maintenance program can be achieved by the use of three different methods: Unscheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance. Management and inspectors, can choose and arrange maintenance systems according to specific needs and local conditions by making use of those methods.

Maintenance involves all activities which enable mechanical systems to show desired and anticipated performance at all times. Performing maintenance according to today’s technology is only possible with adopting systematic and methodologic understanding and engineering perspective.

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    A sieve of a plansifter seems to be something trivial. A small piece of a puzzle with minor impact on the overall milling process. According to site observations this is not the case at all. Even minor deviations from the optimum tensioning can have a considerable impact on the bottom line.
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  • Mill Maintenance in The Age of Industry 4.0
    “If we combine Computerized maintenance management system – CMMS with Industry 4.0’s principle aspects, it gives an enterprise system that can access to big data that needed to more accurate maintenance planning. This approach determines the potential component failures and failure ratios of critical equipment and components. These systems introduce the possibility of more intelligent maintenance scheduling combined with reduced maintenance cost.” 
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  • On mutual interaction between Industry 4.0 and Predictive Maintenance
    “Industry 4.0 promotes Smart Predictive Maintenance (SPdM) and smart manufacturing as machines are connected as a collaborative community in smart factories generating a great potential for Predictive Maintenance (PdM). Transition to Industry 4.0 is a dynamic process and continues. PdM plays a fundamental role in that transition, benefitting also from the developments of that transition in terms of data collection and data analysis.”
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