Yemmak signature in Turkey’s top producers in 2020

13 July 20202 min reading

Yemmak, one of the leading Turkish companies in feed machinery production, has announced that 2020 is very successful for them. Company officials stated that “all” major compound feed facilities that will be operational this year within the country are being constructed by them.

Sharing their projects to be activated in 2020 with Miller Magazine, Halil Yırtımcı, Deputy General Manager of Yemmak, which is exporting to 43 countries with an industry experience of 55 years, said, “As Turkey’s leading machine manufacturer, we continue to make great strides within the country on top of abroad. 5 feed producers from different regions of Turkey, has opted for Yemmak brand for 6 new facilities.” Proyem, operating under the roof of Matlı Food Group, preferred Yemmak for its 100 tons/hour compound feed facility in Polatlı district of Ankara. The plant, which produces durable pellets with 5 pellet lines, 3 of which are double pelletizing, became operational at the beginning of June. The facility, which has the capacity to produce 5 different feed types at the same time, will be capable of producing all feed types for livestock raising.

Eryem, one of the strong stakeholders of the industry, also applied to Yemmak for its 75 tons/hour capacity plant in Menemen following its factory in Ödemiş. It is stated that the factory under assembly will start production in September. Tarım Kredi Yem, which gathers 12 feed plants under one roof, also assigned the same company for two plants, one in Şanlıurfa and the other in Tire, both of which have a capacity of 50 tons/hour. It was stated that the one in Şanlıurfa will be the first high-tech feed factory in the province. Özlem Yem and Sivtaş have darkened the same door for their plants in Adapazarı, Söğütlü (50 tons/hour) and Sivas (20 tons/hour) respectively.

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