Zambia will export 850,000 tonnes of corn

19 November 20141 min reading
Zambia Minister of Agriculture has stated that they plan to export 850,000 tonnes of maize to neigbouring countries. Zambia Minister of Agriculture Wylbur Simuusa announced in his statement to the press that they have produced their biggest harvest on record and they plan to export 850,000 tonnes of corn to neigbouring countries. According to the news report of Reuters; Minister Simuusa told that Zambia bought more than double its strategic reserve requirement of 500,000 tonnes of corn from farmers and had additional stocks for export. Country’s corn production rose by nearly a third to 3.3 million tonnes in the 2013/2014 season from the last annual harvest of 2.5 million tonnes. “We have 350,000 tonnes from carry-over stocks and the additional 500,000 tonnes we bought above our requirements this year which we plan to export,” Simuusa said. “We have firm orders for the corn in our neighbouring countries and decided to buy more than our strategic reserves because the private sector was offering very low prices to our farmers,” he added. The State-run Food Reserve Agency, which bought corn for strategic reserves, was overwhelmed by requests from small-scale farmers who wanted to sell their corn, he said.
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