Ulusoy Un turnover rises to 1 billion TL

01 February 20172 min reading

Ranked 373rd in the İSO 500 list, Ulusoy Un exports to 82 countries in 5 continents. The growth of Ulusoy Un, which mainly exports to the African continent, registered a 16-fold increase in 9 years and its turnover rose to 1 billion TL.


Ulusoy, ranked 301st among the top thousand exporting companies according to the data of the Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), is ranked 373rd in the ISO 500. Exporting to 82 countries in 5 continents, the company mainly exports to the African countries. Ulusoy Un’s Chairman Eren Günhan Ulusoy said that they have registered a 16-fold growth in 9 years and increased their turnover to 1 billion TL in turnover from 60 million TL. “Last year, we carried out 2.8 million tons of exports and we want to increase this amount to 3 million tons this year.”

Günhan Ulusoy said that the flour production of Turkey is around 12 million tons per year and that more than 50 percent of Turkey’s exports are made to Iraq, Syria and the Philippines by the end of 2015. Referring to the fact that exports to Iraq rose rapidly due to the political and social instability in the country after 2008 and increased to 1 million tons by the end of 2015, Ulusoy said, “Turkey has become the only player in the Iraq export market. The likelihood of similar processes taking place in Syria shows the growth potential of Syrian exports. According to the International Grain Council (IGC) data, in the 2015/16 season, Turkey, which was ranked first in the world flour exports with 30 percent of the world’s flour trade, increased its flour exports by 5.2 percent on a value basis in the 2015 calendar year. In 2015, thanks to the export success of the flour industrialists, Turkey has generated approximately 1 billion dollars in revenue.”

INVESTMENT FOR TWO-LICENSED WAREHOUSE STARTS Eren Günhan Ulusoy, who emphasized that they have started to invest in the two-licensed warehouse with a total capacity of 100 thousand tons, one in Çorum Alaca and the other in Samsun, has underlined that they will continue to grow. The company manufactures 208 thousand tons of flour per year with two factories in Samsun and Çorlu with a total processing capacity of 900 tons of wheat.

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