UHK seeks the solutions of the problems in the production centers

09 October 20142 min reading
National Grains Council (UHK) determines the solutions of the agricultural problems at the workshops, panels and similar meetings held in the production centers. National Grains Council prepares to discuss the problems in corn production in Adana after realizing the workshops of paddy rice in Edirne and durum wheat in Gaziantep. Giving information on the subject to Anadolu Ajansi, UHK Board Member and Faculty Member of Selcuk University Faculty of Agriculture Prof. Dr. Bayram Sade said the following: “National Grains Council determines the solutions of the problems of the products that are important in the national scale and the problems of the industry based on these products at the workshops, panels and similar meetings held in the regions where the production and the industrialization is at most. It reports the results obtained from them.” Telling that one of the most important missions of National Grains Council is to inform the government and public by preparing reports on the problems of the agricultural industry products; Prof. Dr. Sade stated that the reports of corn, wheat and paddy rice have been completed and sent to the related institutions and announced to the public. Emphasizing that the reports regarding barley, wheat, paddy rice and other grains are about to be completed, Sade told that they will release them soon.
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