Turkey is running record in wheat

08 December 20151 min reading
Having a serious loss in wheat production last year due to drought and performing 19 million ton production, Turkey broke the production record of 23 million tons in 2015. bugday72 Being among the world's leading wheat producers, Turkey experienced a serious drought last year due to production loss and could produce about 19 million tons. Production has now started to increase again in 2015 and reached 23 million tons, surpassing the previous year. Reaching a record wheat production with this amount, Turkey did not reach the desired level in terms of high quality wheat. Evaluating the issue, President of the National Pulses Council Mustafa Yılmazkart said: “This year was a record year in Turkey. In a year that the lack of food and price rises was spoken, there is no problem in a key ingredient like wheat. But the problem of quality wheat has still not solved. We are importing wheat from abroad as part of inward processing in order to export flour. We produce more than we need, but the quality has not reached the desired level due to lack of quality.”
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