There is no time to lose in digitalization

30 May 20163 min reading
The novelties that will be brought into the business world by the 4th Industrial Revolution which is considered as the start of radical changes in world economy have been examined in Industry 4.0 Turkey Forum which was held in Istanbul. The forum has emphasized that the new industrial revolution is estimated to increase employment by 6 per cent and that the business world has no time to lose in terms of digitalization. i_78_3 Industry 4.0 Turkey Forum organized by Digital Transformation Association was held at Kadir Has University, Istanbul. Forum brought together many academicians and private sector representatives and the road map to become a part of digitalized world was drawn. Digital Transformation Association Chair Ismail Hakki Polat made the opening speech and he stated that the new industrial revolution will bring enormous changes in business and social world. Polat has considered the 4th Industrial Revolution as a wave of digital transformation and he stated that the impacts of this change will be felt more in the coming years. LET US LEAVE THE CONCERN BEHIND THAT THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR HUMAN IN FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Siemens Turkey Executive Board Member Ali Riza Ersoy made a speech in Industry 4.0 Turkey Forum and he made clear statements about the issues wondered by businesses. Ersoy mentioned that the human factor will have more importance in the new industrial revolution which is named as the age of machines; and he said that the concern that factories will become robotized and there will be no need for humans should be left back. Ersoy said: "Industry 4.0 signals a period where the machines will be in interaction with each other. We are not meeting with the machines for the first time, but we will experience a period in which the machines will be so effective during the production process. The fear that employment will decrease should be replaced with trust. Because the 4th Industrial Revolution is a process planned to be constructed within the next 20 years and even Germany emphasizes that employment will be increased by 6 percent with this revolution. Human power will be needed in the next period in order to design and program the machines and to create their algorithms. Therefore, this revolution will also be a source of employment just as other revolutions." 28 BILLION OF THINGS WILL BE CONNECTED TO INTERNET Ersoy has defined Industry 4.0 as the digitalization of industry and he said that by 2020, 28 billion things will become connected to Internet. He has also stated that the giant data and information will direct the companies to cloud storage more and 35 percent of businesses will use cloud storage systems. A CHANCE OF 5-8 % GROWTH FOR TURKEY Ersoy has indicated that if the required planning are done properly, then Turkey will be able to catch up with this revolution in a few years, when compared with the missing ones. Ersoy continued: "Countries, as well as companies, have to consider passing to 4.0 system. Germany plans to realize this revolution in 20 years, and Turkey has to complete this process within 30 years latest. Staying 3-5 years behind Germany is not a big loss or a gap that could not be closed. But we need to take faster steps on it. These steps may provide us opportunities to gain 8 % growth chance in economy." Ersoy has mentioned that Ministry of Industry had been working on transition to Industry 4.0 by removing the barriers in legislation and he has also added that the infrastructure to be established will be the base of 5.0 and even 6.0.  
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