The Importance of Grain Storage and Storage Systems

12 January 20152 min reading

Every year, million tons of grain losses are caused due to improper storage conditions. Factors like humidity, heat, pests and aeration which are effective on storage conditions affect the quality and quantity of grain and shorten the storage period. In this aspect, proper storage practices are among the most important elements in food supply chain of grain which is a significant nutritional source.

depo1 As they are stored for long term use, grains which are necessarily important among food products had long been the rescuer of mankind in time of drought, famine and war for centuries. We are in such a period that along with population, the need for food increases steadily although agricultural areas and production is limited to specific areas. So, we do not have the luxury to waste anything that we produced to feed. This also proves how important the grain storage and storage conditions are. Because, when proper storage conditions are provided loss and spoilage in grains might be reduced to a large extent. For the cover story of this issue, we discussed the factors to consider in grain storage and storage systems. In the cover story, you can find the detailed information on humidity, heat, aeration and pest control which have serious effects on the quality of grain and storage period.
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