The biggest bulgur facility of the world in Mardin

06 October 20173 min reading

Mardin originated İpek Bulgur is the biggest bulgur producer and exporter of Turkey with 70 thousand tons of production per year. Aiming to introduce indigenious bulgur of Mardin to the world, the brand increased its annual export by 40 thousand tons and went on an attach for new market searches. 

mardinBeing the biggest bulgur producer and exporter of Turkey, İpek Bulgur has become a leader in bulgur production of Turkey with 70 thousand tons of production capacity per year. Being a quarter-century brand of Mardin, İpek Bulgur increased its annual export by 40 thousand tons by exporting to many countries most of which are Middle East countries. Having the biggest production facility of the world, İpek Bulgur exports 45 percent of its production to countries such as Germany and Japan as well as Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Making all of its production from a unique wheat risen in very rich territories of Mardin Lowland in terms of iron and minerals, İpek Bulgur stands out its quality and product diversities.

TURKEY IS THE BIGGEST BULGUR PRODUCER OF THE WORLD Faysal Sun, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of İpek Bulgur and President of Bulgur Exporters Association of Mardin stated that they give importance in developing new products in order to increase their market share in the country while searching for new markets in the abroad. Reminding that Turkey which is the biggest bulgur producer of the world producer 1 million tons of bulgur per year, and 25 percent of this production is carried out in Mardin, Sun also stressed that 250 thousand tons of this production is exported. Sun pointed out that İpek bulgur is leader in Turkey with 40 thousand tons of export.

MIDDLE EAST IS LEADER IN EXPORT Stating that bulgur is the most important agriculture product of Mardin city, Faysal Sun said “In export that we increased by 40 thousand tons, the biggest share belongs to Middle East countries such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. As İpek Bulgur, we export approximately 35 thousand tons of this production only to those countries. We also export 3 thousand tons to European countries, mainly to Germany and 2 thousand tons to other countries such as Japan.” WE OPEN THE GATE OF EUROPE WITH “TEBBULE” Emphasizing that bulgur consumption has increased with the increase of Middle Eastern immigrant population in Europe, Sun stated that Europeans have started to focus on bulgur by being impressed by this culture. Remembering that habit of cooking at home is not very popular in Europe, Sun said that use of bulgur in tebbule salad which is mostly sold in packed food sector and resembles bulgur salad and contains more green vegetables has an impract on increase in bulgur export.

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