Alapala doubles its capacity with its new factory!

14 October 20162 min reading

Alapala Makina among leaders of the field of milling machines enlarges its milling machines factory located at Çorum. Annual production shall be doubled with the new facility having total 40.000 square meter of indoor area. The factory to provide employment for 500 people shall go into operation within last quarter of the year.


Alapala Makina, among the leader milling machines producers of the world, enlarged its factory in Çorum. Alapala to carry out production in total 50.000 square meter of indoor area together with new investments shall double its production capacity at the first stage and new facility which of construction took 1,5 years shall provide employment for more 500 people. Furthermore R&D department of Alapala has been extended through the subject facility. The facility which of production is mainly subject to automation has been equipped with the advanced technology. The facility to double the production at the first stage shall triple the production thereafter. The factory that shall go into operation within last quarter of this year shall be the first stage of the great investment of Alapala.

600 FACTORIES HAVE BEEN ESTABLISHED IN THE WORLD Alapala Makina that began to milling machines production as a small workshop in Çorum in 1954 has become one of two biggest machine producers of the world with its 60 year experience. Alapala which still exports milling machines to countries more than 100 and establishes turnkey mill factories has delivered 600th turnkey factory lastly. Machines more than 5 thousand produced by Alapala are still operated in the world. Namely billions of people in the world consume flour and flour products produced in milling machines of Alapala.

EXPORT INCREASES UP TO 120 COUNTRIES Görkem Alapala, vice Chairman of board of directors of Alapala, spoke related to new factory investment as follows: “We are glad of making of our second biggest investment to Çorum. We are one of leader brands of our sector as Alapala. We grow and increase our production thanks to confidence to experience, quality and technology of Alapala. We export 95 percent of our production to more than 100 countries. We aim to increase number of countries to where we export our products up to 120 through our new investment in Çorum”.

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