08 August 20183 min reading

TABADER, the common platform of the companies operating in cereal and pulses processing technologies, storage and analysis systems, and IDMA, the world’s only international fair for milling machinery, are united to close the gap for qualified workforce in the sector. TABADER will provide a certified miller training during IDMA to be held in Istanbul between 20 and 23 March 2019.  


The Association of Cereal and Pulses Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) received attention because of its training activities and projects for the sector. TABADER put a lot of efforts to close the gap for qualified workforce, which is one of the leading problems in the sector. In this vein, TABADER will have an important event during IDMA, the world’s only international fair for milling machinery, cereals and pulses processing technologies. The association will provide a certified miller training during IDMA to be held between 20 and 23 March 2019 in the Istanbul Fair Center (Yeşilköy), which is one of the biggest and oldest fair areas in Turkey. Professor Mustafa Bayram, the Chairman of the Executive Board of TABADER who has more than twenty-year old experience, will share his expertise with participants during two-day long training. Apart from Professor Bayram, many academicians and industry representatives will provide training in food and feed milling. After two-day long event, participants will receive certification. IDMA hosted similar training in 2015 and 2017. TABADER carried out the certification program during the IDMA 2017, and this program with two-hundred participants received a great appreciation from the sector representatives. THE COUNT DOWN STARTED FOR THE SECOND GATHERING OF DOYENS Additionally, TABADER continues its preparation for the Second Gathering of Doyens, whose first meeting was held in 9 December 2017 and received huge interest. Speaking to Miller Magazine about the preparations for this meeting, Hülya Duman, the General Secretary of TABADER, said the association would give out prize in six categories. She said ‘Young TABADER’ and ‘The Establishment of the Year’ were added to the prize categories apart from four-established categories, which are the Half Century in the Sector, Those Who Left Us, Those Who Contributed to the Development of the Sector and Those Who Brought Value to the Sector. Duman said that the association received candidates from many institutions and persons. The selection committee will continue to receive candidates until the end of October. The committee began to evaluate candidates. She added that the association would carry out visits to companies across the country to receive views and recommendations from the sector representatives. The date for the Second Gathering of Doyens will be decided on September. People who want to propose candidates can send email to with category specification.

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