Silos Cordoba introduces new web application

25 June 20212 min reading

Silos Cordoba, a leading manufacturer of metal silos for grain storage, launches its new progressive web application (PWA), from where you can easily access all their resources: brochures, ebooks, product sheets, videos…

“If you use it as a commercial tool, you will find it very useful to “install” it as a direct access from the home screen of your mobile phone,” the Spanish company said . “It is actually a web page, but it uses a technology that makes its aesthetics and operation very similar to a native App.”

One of the main advantages is that it allows access, or partial access, even without an Internet connection. The essential information to start the App is cached the first time the App is opened, so that on subsequent visits certain content can be used even when offline.

Scan the code with your phone or tablet for a preview.

Or clic here to view it from the web:  Web App Resources

It works with (almost) all browsers, adapts to any screen size, is permanently updated, can be linked via a URL, works offline, can be “installed” by pinning it to the desktop of the mobile. The main disadvantage is that the public is more used to native Apps, few people know about this technology.

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