Satake announces Excellent Employee Award 2022

01 April 20232 min reading

Satake Corporation announces recipients for its global Excellent Employee Award 2022. Ronald Hilton, manager leading Production Departments of Satake Australia, was selected for the Grand Prize based on his outstanding performance and leadership managing manufacturing operation in the midst of COVID-19, resulted in acquisition of new projects. Further 3 employees from 3 global offices were awarded First Place, and 5 employees from 2 office were awarded Inspire Award.

“The award winners are the inspiration to all Satake group members. It is people like them who encourage and motivate the group to become one team to continue achieving our goal, supporting our customers.” says Kazuhisa Matsumoto, president and CEO of the Satake Corporation.

Ronald commented, “It was an honour to be nominated for the Satake Excellent Employee Award and an even greater honour to be awarded the Grand prize winner. I’d like to wish our group every success in the future and look forward to being a productive team member for many years to come”. Ronald joined Satake Australia in Allora in 2018, started as Workshop Supervisor. He was appointed as Production Manager in 2021.

The Satake Excellent Employee Award was established in 2019 and is awarded annually to its global employees who exhibit outstanding performance and contribution.

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