Russian edition of Miller draws huge interest in Moscow

11 October 20182 min reading

Parantez Group realized its pledge to introduce a Russian magazine. The Russian edition of Miller Magazine met with Russian-speaking readers again during the Russian Flour and Cereal Companies’ Congress in Moscow. Many representatives of the Russian sector praised the content and visual quality of the magazine.


Publishing Miller Magazine for twelve years, the Parantez Group is proud to introduce a new project. The Russian edition of Miller, which has been published in Turkish and English so far, has met with the sector stakeholders. Zübeyde Kavraz, CEO of Parantez Group, said that she is proud to introduce the Russian edition, whose publication was suspended for a while. “We let people know that we would print the Russian version. After a long and rigorous preparation period, the Russian version of the magazine has met with readers. Thanks to this magazine, mill technology manufacturers will be able to reach fourteen Russian speaking countries, particularly Russia and Ukraine that accelerated their investments in order to become leading countries in the food sector, and representative of sectors in these countries will have a new source of information where they can read developments and innovation in the industry,” Kavraz said. She said that the Russian version will be published bi-monthly and also Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese editions are on the road. The launch event of the Russian edition has been realized during an important gathering in Russia. The new publication has met with readers during the Russia Flour and Cereal Companies’ Congress, held by Russia Flour Industrialists’ Union and Russia Industry Academia between 25 and 27 September. The magazine attracted a great interest during the congress that managers, experts, senior officials of Russia Federation Agriculture Ministry, academicians working in the food sector, and representatives of companies related to agricultural industry have participated. Namik Kemal Parlak, the chief editor, said that the magazine has attracted a great interest for its content and visual quality. “Indeed, we are thrilled to see this interest. It was impossible to be indifferent to the increasing effect of the Black Sea to the world’s grain market. While new players from the Black Sea region have entered the world’s grain market, we want to be a new voice for the milling sector in this region,” he noted.

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