Recovery and Energy Management

01 February 20172 min reading

It is well-known that electrical power plays a very important role in global industrial manufacture. Detailed control of maintenance activities at flour manufacturing plants, completing processes at minimum times as far as possible, and shrinking the budget allocated for maintenance may help to ensure savings in energy. The first issue to come to mind in energy saving is monitoring and controlling the power consumed in each process.


Proper management of energy has become an important issue that affects product costs in grain processing plants and considerably reduces the total margin of the plant. Energy management, which has become an obligation today, should be planned in more details, the measurements should be conducted more fastidiously, and energy consumption should be closely monitored. Energy management is quite limited in conventional systems. Focusing on energy management particularly in the milling process will help to minimize energy consumption and resulting costs. That is because a failure to use energy efficiently when milling flour causes economic losses in the plant and results in increases in the cost of flour. Therefore, new, productive and energy efficient models should be developed under the light of knowledge and experience. Despite the high costs of such machinery, the manufacturers in the industry may balance these costs with installation costs and energy savings by using these models.

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