Qatar Charity installs flour mill in northern Syria

30 November 20202 min reading

Qatar Charity (QC) has provided a grain silo site with a flour mill in Marea, a town in Syria, which is currently servicing nearly 75,000 people.

The initiative came within the framework of the project entitled “Support Wheat Value Chain in North West Syria”, funded by the Turkey office of the United Nations Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

The “Support Wheat Value Chain in North West Syria” project implemented by Qatar Charity aims at supporting the wheat crop and storing production in giant silos in the city of Marea.

After the installation of the mill by a specialized team of experts and engineers, it was tested to make sure that it works properly.

The mill started to work with a production capacity of 50 tons of flour per day. It provides integrated services, from sifting, cleaning, wetting, and fermenting to milling and packing.

The flour produced by the mill will contribute to meeting the need for flour in the area where it will be distributed to bakeries.

The daily bread production will cover the needs of Marea and its surroundings. Engineer Abdullah Rajab, the food security official at the regional office of Qatar Charity in Turkey, confirmed the completion of the “Support Wheat Value Chain in North West Syria” project by providing the grain silo site with a flour mill that began to work actually.

He also noted that the project started supporting the farmer to produce and store wheat in the silos, which will be used to make bread. A study conducted by the Food Security Team at Qatar Charity indicates that the mill can cover the other two areas too if it receives effective support.

Qatar Charity, through its qualitative projects, aims at enhancing food security, especially in light of the repercussions of the crisis that country has been going through for nine years.

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