Perten Instruments opened an Office in Turkey

15 January 20163 min reading

Producing analytical equipment for agriculture and food industry, Perten Instruments has opened an Office in Ankara to expand its activities in Turkish market. 73pertBeing one of the leading companies which produce sophisticated analytic equipment for agriculture and food industry for more than 50 years, Perten Instruments has announced to open a new Office in Ankara under name of Perten Turkey in order to strengthen its network and play a more effective role in Turkey. Making a statement about the issue, Murat Bekar, Manager of Perten Turkey shared the information about Perten’s global structure and said: “Our company which has been the leader since Harald Perten discovered Falling Number equipment in 1962 has also been the leader in production and development of NIR equipment for more than 30 years. Having more than 25.000 installed equipment in the world, Perten Instruments spare 15 percent of its total revenue to Research and Development. It continues to operate with agencies in around 100 countries; 30 of them are Perten’s own offices. The development of Perten which has doubled its both geographical existence and financial value since 2010 took the attention of PerkinElmer which is the global leader in health and environmental sciences and Perten Instruments joined the PerkinElmer family. PerkinElmer is among the first 500 companies list of Standart & Poors; it operates in more than 150 countries with its annual revenue of 2.2 billion dollar and more than 7.600 employees.” ONLINE PRODUCTION AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Saying that as Perten Turkey, they are working 24 hours as online in flour, semolina and pasta factories; working on production and quality control systems, gave the details about the system: “This system can be defined as that with a NIR equipment which can be integrated to factory line (to flour pipes or flour screw) during the production, it measures the quality criteria like moisture, protein, ash, gluten, impaired starch, water absorption capacity, color measurement and peak count in every 10 seconds for 24 hours without any interruption; and it sends these values as instant delivery and graphic to a computer connected to the system.” Murat Bekar also says about the other products and services: “The other products of our portfolio are new generation moisture measuring device, portable protein and gluten analysis equipment, dough rheology test equipment and volume measuring device as well as online control systems. In order to meet the requirements of Turkey which is growing along with the developing new technologies, we will continue to move forward with our distributer partner and the support of our customers.”

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