Pavan completed its flour mill expansion in Peru

09 October 20142 min reading
Pavan Group announced that it completed the flour mill expansion project which was built in December 2013 and belongs to Molinera del Centro S.A. in Peru. Molinera del Centro S.A. completed construction on a 500-tonne-per-24-hour flour mill, in Lima, Peru in December 2013. This was part of the company’s more than $20 million capacity expansion project, which took only seven months to complete. The new milling facility is approximately 500 square meters including the milling plant, nine conditioning silos with a capacity of 100 tons each and 12 silos for flour and bran, each with a capacity of 120 tons. The mill has an extraction rate of 78.5%. Molinera del Centro S.A. chose Galliera Veneta, Italy-based Pavan Group to partner with to supply its Lima flour mill. Pavan Group supplied the facility with a cleaning section complete with optical sorters and a milling section with twenty one roller mills, four plansifters with eight channels, five purifiers, weighing and packaging units and various auxiliary machines. Making production of pasta, biscuits and flour for bread, Molinera del Centro S.A. uses some of the flour produced in the Lima mill for its own pasta production lines, which were also supplied by the Pavan Group. Pavan noted that the new storage building for this project was completed in a record time frame. Also selling wheat flour for bread production to customers in the Peruvian market, Molinera del Centro S.A sources wheat from Canada, the U.S. and Argentina.
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