Omas presents world’s first alternating mill in Vietnam

09 November 20172 min reading

OMAS, Italian giant milling machinery manufacturer, introduced its alternating mill in Ho Chi Minh City. Milling engineers were given a guided visit of the world’s first alternating mill.

italyan_omas OMAS, organized a mill tour for the the International Association of Operative Millers (IAOM) Southeast & Asia Conference. “Technical milling engineers at the conference were given a guided visit of the world’s first alternating mill for the production of over 15 types of flour, 20 types of semolina and also gluten free.” OMAS stated on its webpage. The heart of the mill, which can be supplied with maize, rice and pulses, are the Leonardo S roller mills that make it possible to change the revolutions of the grinding rollers, meaning it is possible to mill with fine grinding in cut-cut positions to make semolina and grits, or back-back when milling fine grade flours.

The plant is also equipped with: • Pressure gauges between the rollers to provide kgs readings of the grinding intensity according to the recipe; • Roller mills without transmission belts in order to cut down on maintenance costs; • Device to regeneration electrical power, meaning average consumption can be cut by up to 50% • Horizontal maize degermer; • Pressure gauge for pneumatic conveyor in order to vary the r.p.m. of the ventilation system.

NEW REGIONAL SALES MANAGER FOR NORTH AFRICA Omas announced that Sergio Battalliard has joined Italian company as the new Regional Sales Manager for North Africa. “It was a pleasure to meet Sergio. He is the man we had been looking for some time! He knows his way around the region, the traditions and the customs of the local people. We are sure that he will fit into the market without any problems and will make our wide range of Omas products known,” said CEO, Luigi Nalon.

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