Omas has made its first sale in Brazil

07 February 20182 min reading

Omas, a leading Italian company in milling industry, stated that it has made its first sale in Brazil.  The company install Leonardo roller mill for Gruppo Molinero Ocrim, a milling group that has been operating in Brazil for 100 years.


Omas announced that it signed an installation contract for a Leonardo roller mill, for one of the most important milling plants in Brazil, Gruppo Molinero Ocrim, located in Jaguarè - Sao Paolo, with prospects for the development of a new project for a mill of notable size. “Thanks to the excellent work of Grupo Idugel, Omas agents and dealers in Brazil, and to the sheer amount of interest received by Leonardo during ABITRIGO 2017, an event held in Campinas (SP) at the end of October, Omas has made its first sale in Brazil.” Omas stated. This is a country in which it has been very difficult to gain a foothold, but which has a very mature market with expertise in the milling industry, the company pointed out. Omas stated emphasized that essential aspects for the signing of the agreement were the regenerated power that can be obtained by using KERS technology, offer savings of up to 70% of the machine’s power consumption during the milling process.

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