Ocrim introduced a new roller mill to the industry in its 70th anniversary

16 June 20154 min reading
Ocrim, one of the leading companies in global milling technologies, presented a new roller technology to its customers in its 70thanniversary. Having design elements from 1950s, Ocrim’s new Superior Time RMI-S roller mill had great interest from visitors at Ipack-Ima.  ocrimmOne of the leading milling technologies producers in the world, Ocrim exhibited at Ipack-Ima with its new technology in its 70th anniversary. Launching show that the company presented during the exhibition for its new product Superior Time RMI-S roller mill had a great interest from visitors. Presenting its new machine – one in white and one in black- which has design elements from 1950s to the taste of visitors; Ocrim had one of the most interesting booths of the exhibition. Vice president of Ocrim Sergio ANTOLINI who we came together with during the launching show answered our questions about the new technology. Mr. Antolini, first of all, could you please give us some information about your new machine that you are presenting in this exhibition? First of all, regarding our new product Superior Time RMI-S, I would like to say that it wasdeveloped through 70 years of experience. It has been made in cooperation with our clients in order to satisfy their current and future requests in terms of maintenance, high performance, and low energy consumption. This was the point that we started our design. It was really important for us to improve the design because “design” is an Italian philosophy. So; first of all we started with the body and then inside of the machine, technical parts. You can say that Superior Time RMI-S is easy and simple. We put that experience into the middle of easiness and simplicity. In another word, we combined our machine with easiness to handle, simplicity to maintain and 70 years of experience. You talked about Ocrim’s 70 years of experience. What is the place of this 70 year-experience in milling industry? The first philosophy for us, as Ocrim, is to be a manufacturer. Ocrim was founded as a “manufacturer” 70 years ago. We have many competitors in milling technologies industry. However we have nothing against them, we appreciate them as well. The strength of Ocrim is that all its technologies, designing works and productions are manufactured in Italy. We put a lot of effort and a huge investment to increase our production capacity. We extended the machine tools from technic manufacture of the piping, to the production of mold injection. If today we can say that Ocrim is one of the best manufacturers in the world, the reason is this understanding of production. We are not offering a puzzle but we are offering the whole paint. Could you please tell us about your global targets? As Ocrim, we are already a reference company worldwide in the milling industry. However our target and our focus are to be the leader in the market. We aim at being a real leader. Your company exhibited in IDMA exhibition last month. Regarding the comebacks that you received about IDMA Exhibition, could you please briefly tell us how the exhibition was? Of course it is very difficult to make a clear result about the exhibition after a month. Regarding the area that we operate, the course of the process in our business is slow. Our aim for the exhibition was to meet clients and to meet new people, to explain them what we can offer if they spend some time with us. In this aspect, IDMA was a great opportunity because it represented a more different market than Italia represents. At the same time, it was like a preview of Ipack-Ima because we are Italian and it is easy for us to exhibit here. Milano is close to Cremona so that it was easy for us to organize. That’s why we applied IDMA. It was a preview exhibition that we had a great interest and great return from visitors and we contacted many people. What do you think about the next IDMA exhibition? Are you planning to take this system to IDMA? Hopefully, yes. This is what we want to repeat and make implement for the future. IDMA 2015 was a good opportunity to meet new people to display our equipment. So we believe that we will have new experiences through IDMA in the future; we would like to implement such activities in the next IDMA as well.
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