Nutriol plans $100m to built grain terminal in Argentina

08 May 20181 min reading
Bolivian crushing company Nutriol plans to invest up to $100 million to construct a grain port terminal in Argentina's Entre Rios province, the firm's commercial and logistics manager, Sergio Cuffini, Agricensus reported. The ambitious scheme is still at the planning stage, with the construction of the first phase of the terminal likely to be some 18 months away. "We still need to obtain all the necessary permits from the local government, including roads, electricity and gas networks," Cuffini told Agricensus, adding that the company aims to ship soybean, corn, soymeal, soyoil and biofuels. "Some of this production will be locally produced in Entre Rios while the rest of the production will come from Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. The terminal will have an initial capacity of 3 million metric tons. In the coastal area of Santa Fe province, there are a lot of grain terminals and we believe there is no additional room for new terminals," Cuffini said.
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