New era for Miller

07 September 20203 min reading
Editor Namık Kemal Parlak

Miller Magazine hit the road on April 2006 to become the reference journal of the world milling and pulses industry. We serve as a bridge in order to provide information on new solutions and technology to international, local institutions and authorities especially flour, feed, rice, and pulse producers. Having the responsibility to serve such a vital sector, we always try to renew ourselves. Within this line, we want readers to know that Miller Magazine will start to publish peer-reviewed scientific articles to support to the development of technology and science in the grain and milling industry. Miller Executive Board and TABADER decided to open the journal to academic and scientific studies.

In the ‘Miller Academia’ section, we will publish research articles. The articles will be related to 1) grains, pulses milling; science, technology and engineering; 2) operations and processes analysis; 3) raw materials and ingredients studies; 4) milling systems, design, energy systems; 5) properties (physical, chemical, microbiological, toxicological etc.) of grains, cereals and pulses as food and feed; 6) measurement, process control, storage, packaging, distribution, conveying, solid handling, production, plant and equipment; 7) economics of milling industry including the economics of alternative processes and products; 8) accounts of milling achievements; 9) innovation, R&D, novel system, studies and products, Industry 4.0; 10) policies, strategies, foresights and future aspects; 11) by-products and waste treatment related to milling; 12) nanotechnologies; 13) dry and wet-milling, 14) components of milling systems; 15) history and old techniques related to grain and pulses techniques, rediscovering traditional methods, new findings about ancient methodology; 16) health, functionality studies; 17) development of varieties and new genetic resources of cereals (pseudocereals), pulses and their using for food and feed purposes; 18) processing equipment, quality control system and method; 20) and other milling related studies.

The papers in the journal will be peer-referees reviewed, on-line and printed forms, DOI processed, open access and free for the manuscript submission. The types of the paper, which are suitable for Miller as pre-reviewed scientific article, is original research paper, critical reviews, short communications, letters to the editors.

Details for submission: Submission of all types of manuscripts to Miller journal proceeds totally online. Via the website for this journal ( you will be guided step-by-step through the creation and uploading of the various files.

I would like to give very special thanks to Prof. Mustafa Bayram, an esteemed academician in Food Science and Engineering, for all the support he has given us. Thank you for your encouragement and advice in becoming a peer-reviewed journal.

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