Modular cleaning system Vitaris

21 May 20202 min reading

With Vitaris, Bühler presents an integrated and modular system for grain cleaning. The coordinated modules guarantee the highest efficiency and hygiene for every process step throughout the cleaning process.

Vitaris – a modular system for the best grain cleaning Vitaris – a modular system for the best grain cleaning

The new Vitaris cleaning system can be precisely coordinated with an existing or a newly designed plant layout. The modules are selected to suit the intended products and processes, and adapted to the available space and production quantities. This modular design allows future adjustments or enhancements to be made at any time.

Every individual module in the Vitaris cleaning system increases the efficiency of the entire system—in terms of energy consumption and space required as well as operating and maintenance costs. At the same time, the excellent selectivity in all process steps increases the product quality. All steps in the entire system are connected seamlessly. With the compact Air-recycling aspirator MVST, dust and light particles from the grain are removed even before the actual cleaning. The Vitaris separator MTRD effectively separates the grain from coarse and fine products thanks to new features such as the two sand screen layers. The Vitaris combistoner MTCH seperates efficiently parts with a higher specific weight, such as stone and glass from the grain. In addition, it classifies the grain into mixed and high-density products. With air recirculation, the destoner needs just a small amount of fresh air, thus saving energy. The Air-recycling aspiration channel MVSS reliably removes light particles and dust with the aid of an adjustable air flow. The combicleaner MTKC combines destoner and separator to form a compact cleaning system with all the advantages Vitaris provides.

The new Vitaris cleaning system from Bühler meets the highest requirements of food safety for grain products. The sieves are made of stainless steel, and synthetic materials that are food-grade (FDA approved). No more nails, felt, or plush are used. The Vitaris cleaning system can optionally be operated with fresh air or recirculated air. When operated with recirculated air, 90% of the air used is fed back in to the ventilating fan. Energy consumption is reduced by up to 15% compared with conventional solutions.
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