Modern rice mill need in Myanmar

10 July 20142 min reading
The Myanmar Rice Millers Association (MRMA) has announced that rice milling units in the country should be modernized in order to be able to increase exports of high quality 5% broken. The Myanmar Rice Millers Association (MRMA) noted that Myanmar’s high quality 5% broken rice (locally known as Tann Myint) has huge demand from Europe and Japan but local millers lack facilities to meet the demands. According to the news from Oryza; the association stated that sophisticated milling units with rice polishers and color sorter machines, which can produce high-grade 5% broken rice, are needed to abreast with the market needs. According to the MRMA; currently, there are less than ten high-tech and modernized rice mills that can produce 100 to 400 tons in the country. Owing to the high cost of producing 5% broken rice, most of the millers have stopped their production. The MRMA has been demanding government assistance in setting up hi-tech milling units but the government has been indifferent to the rice millers' demands. The association emphasizes that even the 25% broken rice (locally known as Ae Ma Hta), which is largely exported to Africa, and many other varieties of rice produced in Myanmar do not get higher prices in foreign markets as they are not polished during the milling process. A former MRMA Chairman said that falling rice prices and surging electricity charges have forced many small- and medium-sized millers to shut down their operations. MRMA data shows that there are about 2,000 regular mills with an average milling capacity between 15 and 100 tons.
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