Maxi-Lift’s focus on EAME and APAC markets highlighted at IDMA Expo

04 June 20245 min reading

In an interview during the IDMA EXPO in Istanbul, André Rigo, International Sales Director of DuraPlas/Maxi-Lift Inc., shared insights on the company’s journey, recent innovations, major projects, and the future of the grain processing industry. Rigo discussed the company’s latest product launches, including the high-capacity Tiger-CC bucket line, and highlighted their involvement in major projects like the COFCO terminal in Brazil. He also outlined Maxi-Lift’s strategic expansion into the EAME and APAC markets, underscoring the importance of their participation in the IDMA Expo as a platform for global growth.

Mr. Rigo, can you provide us with an overview of Maxi-Lift’s journey and how it has evolved over the past 50 years?

Maxi-Lift, a brand of DuraPlas Group, has been a leader in the bucket elevator industry since 1973. Over the past 53 years, we have grown into a global leader known for quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. We specialize in producing high-performance elevator buckets, including the Tiger-CC, Tiger-Tuff, HD-MAX, HD-STAX and CC-MAX series. Our products are designed to handle a wide range of materials and are made from premium polyethylene, nylon, and urethane to ensure long-lasting performance. One of our key innovations is the Tiger-CC with projection 12, which enables bucket elevators to handle up to 4000 metric tons per hour. Our products are trusted in over 70 countries for their reliability and efficiency. DuraPlas offerings with durable plastic products for various industries, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and quality.

Recently, you participated in IDMA Expo. Are there any products you launched at IDMA? What are some of the key products or latest innovations your company showcased at the expo?

We have launched the TIGER-CC bucket line with a 12-inch projection. This is a line of buckets that will allow the construction of elevators with huge capacities. With this, we are entering a new era of high-capacity elevators. Available sizes: 18x12, 20x12, 22x12, and 24x12.

Can you tell us about any major projects completed or recent achievements your company has accomplished?

We are supplying the buckets for the construction of the COFCO terminal (one of the largest port terminals in the world), which is being assembled at the port of Santos in Brazil (the largest port in Latin America). There will be over 8000 TIGER-CC26X10 buckets made of Modified Nylon 6.6 for the assembly of 7 elevators with a capacity of 1500 metric ton/hour and 2 with 1000 metric ton/h. We have been producing buckets with a 10-inch projection since 1995. We have learned a lot during this time, and several adjustments to the raw materials were necessary to achieve the best composition for the materials we use in our buckets.

How does Maxi-Lift ensure innovation and quality in its products, especially considering the diverse needs of customers around the globe? 

We are globally recognized for having the best product, and we have achieved this over our 53 years of history. Our focus always has been and always will be to produce the best product on the market. We know that the applications where our products are used are the most extreme, which is why they need to last. The last thing the user wants is to stop an elevator (ex: responsible for loading ships) to replace buckets or belts.


You collaborate with companies in the grain processing sector worldwide. How do you perceive recent changes in the industry? What do you foresee for the future of the grain processing industry, and which trends do you believe will prevail? 

Today, we are present in more than 70 countries, and what we are seeing is that the vast majority of clients want to reduce machine interruptions as much as possible. In other words, they are extending maintenance intervals to 2, 2.5, or 3 years instead of annually. This is possible when the correct product is chosen for the specific application. That is why we have a strong global technical team, capable of understanding, simulating, and recommending the best product for each application.


What motivated Maxi-Lift to participate in the IDMA Expo? How do you perceive the level of interest among visitors at IDMA? Can you provide your insights on your experience at the exhibition?

We are expanding our presence in the EAME (Europe, Africa, and Middle East) and APAC (Asia-Pacific) markets. We are putting a lot of effort and investing many resources to increase the market share of DuraPlas/Maxi-Lift Inc. in these regions as well. We have a very interesting market share in the Americas, and now we are focused on growing in these regions too. Without a doubt, IDMA is one of the major global shows that brings companies and users closer together. It is a refined event, where participants are truly involved in the supply chain. Another strong point of the event is the significant presence of attendees from other countries. We will definitely be present at future events promoted by IDMA.

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