Kice introduces a new baghouse filter

25 May 20211 min reading

Kice Industries announced it has introduced a new baghouse filter to its product line, the Kice GR Filter. “We are excited for this new and improved design which will result in lower energy consumption and extended filter bag life,” said Drew Kice, President and CEO, Kice Industries.

“It will provide a more reliable cleaning mechanism for filtering. The cleaning mechanism will solve some long-standing challenges in this market.”

The new filter contains a patented method for controlling and activating the reverse air cleaning system. It has a standard temp rating of 150 degrees F with a max temp option up to 300 degrees F.  The filter also has low energy requirements with a 7.5hp reverse air cleaning blower. “We’ve been testing for two to three years and think our customers will appreciate the user-friendliness of the design,” said Kice.

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