Investment target of Orgin Argo is Africa

01 October 20152 min reading
One of the leading representatives of Turkish sesame and pulses market, Orgin Group expedites its works in African market with its foreign partners.h_3 Having Orgin Argo and Galata Susam as its subsidiaries, Orgin Group attempted to invest in African market with its foreign partner. Being founded for oil seeds in 2003, Orgin Argo started sesame trade upon request and earned a great success in this area. Receiving offers to be an agency from pulses giants in India and Dubai with this success, the company started pulses business with these companies. Providing 40 percent of sesame requirement in Turkey, the company started to import pulses products like rice and chickpea. Recording 5-8 million turnovers as Orgin Argo and 3-5 million as Galata, the group is seeking markets to invest in Africa nowadays. One of the partners, İlker Önel answered Yaşar Kızılbağ’s related questions from Star Gazette. Önel stated about his investment plans in an interview: “We searched a place in Ethiopia; however laws are not easy there. Prices are controlled by the government. Our Singaporean partner started a sieving plant there. They invited us but we couldn’t make. We started to search in different positions and countries. It may be Guinea or Burkina Faso. We search for these countries. Inland, we have storage in Mersin. We have a new investment plan. We are thinking about Mersin and Iskenderun. We made feasibility but we suspended due to global problems.”
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