Imas introduced new generation torque motors for roller mills at IDMA

05 July 20243 min reading

IDMA 2024 international show of flour and feed milling machinery, pasta, and biscuit technologies was held in Istanbul between May 2-4, as one of the largest industry meetings. Imas team welcomed visitors from all around the world and also introduced their prominent innovations including the Multimilla Roller Mill with New Generation Torque Motors.

Imas as the export leader of Türkiye 2023 in both grain and feed milling machinery categories, took its leading place during IDMA Istanbul show this year. Imas team was welcoming their valuable visitors from Türkiye, as well as numerous visitors and business partners coming mainly from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia, and South American countries.

Imas displayed its latest innovations in grain milling technology including Milleral series Multimilla Roller Mill with New Generation Torque Motors, the new Multiplexa Plansifter, and Supersense Purifier, as well as Viteral series feed milling machines including high capacity Pellet Mill, Hammer Mill, and Paddle Mixer. 

Multimilla Roller Mill with Torque Motors

Torque motors today can be accepted as the latest technological evolution in grain milling, being an alternative to the pulley belt transmission system for roller mills, which has been used for decades. As one of the leading examples in the industry, Multimilla Roller Mill with New Generation Torque Motors was displayed at Imas booth and took great attention during IDMA Istanbul 2024. 

Developed by Imas R&D team, Multimilla Roller Mill can be equipped with torque motors in both its feeding and grinding systems with many benefits. By integrating torque motors, the roller mill offers reduced energy consumption, as well as minimum risk for breakdown, saving from transmission floor in mill buildings, no need for lubrication, etc. 

New Generation Torque Motors are developed by Imas R&D and engineering teams, after a long period of design and implementation. The first reference plant where Multimilla Roller Mills are equipped with New Generation Torque Motors, was built by Imas in Italy and has been running successfully since 2021.

Murat Apakhan, Imas Deputy General Manager of Production and R&D, said “Torque motors today introduce major advantages in grain milling. We have been working on torque motors for roller mills in recent years, in order to respond to the industry’s increasing need for energy-saving solutions especially in this global competition environment. If we talk about the outputs from our reference plant operating in Italy, we can say that we already observed up to 25% savings in the electricity consumption for roller mills with torque motors. Our tests will be going on one of our another reference flour mill installations in Türkiye, where we will be able to make more detailed energy consumption analyses and comparisons. However, we are now ready to offer roller mills with torque motors, upon request from our valuable customers worldwide.” 

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