İDMA to open its doors with a new vision in 2017

10 February 20162 min reading
İDMA, the only international technology exhibition in grain and pulses processing industry, is bringing the industry together with a new vision of specialized areas between 04 and 07 May 2017. h_74_105 İDMA is bringing the grain and pulses industry together with a new vision of specialized areas in 2017. 7th İDMA Exhibition which will be held between 04 and 07 May 2017 will highlight the five interrelated but different sectors as specialized areas in the same exhibition. The new vision which was launched as “Milling”, “Feed”, “Pulses & Rice”, “Pasta & Biscuit” and “Supplier Industry” is intended to enable all the areas in İDMA to crease values equally and bring these industries which have a trading volume of $18.173 billion together with visitors in a wider concept. TAKE A SHARE IN $18 TRILLION MARKET! According to the data of the World Bank, the total global trading volume of Milling and Pulses & Rice technologies which are the key elements of İDMA is $3.004 billion. Total global trading volume of feed technologies reaches at $1.933 billion in the same period. Regarding that some of the feed producing technology groups can be considered within milling-processing group, the trading volume of this group seems much higher. The total trading volume of biscuits and pasta group is approaching $9.383 billion (along with bakery technologies). With its new vision, İDMA will enable all the companies to take a share equally from this trading value exceeding $18.173 billion with supplier industry products. A PROMOTIONAL STEP FROM İDMA:  THE TARGET IS TO REACH 130.000 INDUSTRY REPRESENTATIVES The organizer of İDMA Exhibition which has grown up to 46 percent in the last three exhibitions, Parantez Fair will continue its promotions and announcements for 2018 Exhibition in parallel with its new vision. Running its promotional activities in already 139 countries and 5 languages, Parantez Fair will continue its activities in Italy, England, India, Argentina and China with its own agencies. İDMA will strengthen its promotional activities through the collaborations with the leading non-governmental institutions of the industry in 47 countries. Being prepared to attend 24 national and international events in 18 countries within its 2016-2017 programs, the company will vary its announcements through the agreements made with nearly 15 specialty publications. Being in contact with more than 50 thousand Professional industry representatives through emails, e-bulletins and social media, Parantez is aiming to increase this to 130 thousand until 2017.
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