Great interest in IDMA Exhibition increases number of halls

08 November 20216 min reading

The 9th IDMA&Victam Exhibition, which took place with the keen participation of companies and visitors in 2019 and will bring the milling machinery and feed industry together in Istanbul on 10-12 March 2022 after a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, attracts great attention. 

Parantez International Exhibition, the address of events for the grain and feed milling sectors, will hold the 9th International Flour, Feed, Corn, Semolina, Rice, Bulgur Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition, the largest international event of the industry in the world, on 10-12 March 2022.

Getting ready for a big show, the 9th IDMA Exhibition has already received the support of the national milling associations of nearly 50 countries. IDMA Exhibition, which hit big both at home and abroad, met with demand much heavier than the participation in 2019. In the face of the great interest of the giant companies of the sector aiming to open up to new markets, Parantez Fair and Victam International both expanded the halls and increased their number.

The exhibition, which will be the international event of the grain and feed milling industry, will provide both great convenience and significant advantages to its participants and visitors in terms of marketing, sales, and operational activities. It will also contribute to the faster growth in international markets of the companies that have been going through challenging processes due to the pandemic.

The fact that the exhibition will be organized jointly by Victam International, which organizes major events in the animal feed processing industry in different regions of the world, will further increase the efficiency of the exhibition in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


IDMA Exhibition, which draws attention with its achievements on an international scale to be held in a period where food safety and sustainable production shine out, is of utmost importance in terms of the development and strengthening of the grain, feed, and pulses sectors, and ensuring food safety and sustainable production in the world. 

Especially with the pandemic, the demand for flour and bakery products has increased rapidly. Demand for flour and bakery products is expected to increase even more in the coming period, together with decreasing yields and increasing prices as a result of global warming. The fact that Turkey is one of the hubs of the grain processing technologies industry and close to the Middle East and African countries, where an increase in flour demand is expected makes the IDMA Exhibition even more strategic. 

IDMA Exhibition, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy on March 10-12, 2022 by Parantez International Fair and Netherlands-based Victam International B.V., which are known for their internationally roaring fairs for the grain and feed milling industries, is welcomed with heavy demand. 


The way to enter the African market, which will gain even more importance in the future, passes through the IDMA Exhibition. Especially in Libya, the interim government's interest in Turkish investors reflects positively on the trade between the two countries. There are urgent needs in Libya that have deferred and accumulated due to the internal turmoil of the last decade. One of the areas that can be invested in the restructuring country is food. Libya, which the Turkish business world attaches great importance to, has started to stand out in Turkish export figures. In the first 9 months of this year, exports to Libya increased by 60% compared to the same period of 2020 and approached 2 billion dollars. Being at a short sea distance to Turkey and Europe; low fuel, real estate, transportation, and rental costs make Libya very important for Turkish businessmen. A product to be shipped from Turkey can be sent to Libya within 3 days at the latest and from there to all parts of Africa by land in 2 or 3 days. 

For this reason, for Turkey, Libya is a gateway to Africa. This country holds a key position in Turkey-Africa relations. With investment opportunities in every field, Libya is a market that should never be neglected. The IDMA promotion team, which carries out significant works for particularly Libya in Africa, aims to attract keen participation from this market. 

Industry will be awarded in 6 categories

Half-Century Doyens of the Industry: The doyens, who have contributed to the development of the sector and completed 50 years in the sector worldwide.

Those Who Left Us: The doyens who have added value to the sector around the world and passed away.

Those Who Contributed to the Development of the Sector: The gems who have operated in the industry worldwide and contributed to its development.

Those Who Brought Value to the Sector: Experts working in different fields around the world but still adding value to the industry.

Young TABADER: TABADER's young members, who have developed the industry with the studies they have done, the theses they have done, the new companies they have established, the new approaches and innovations they have adopted.

The Foundation of the Year: The visionary institutions and organizations (exchanges, chambers, exporter unions, associations, unions, etc.) that contribute to the development of the industry with their valuable works and innovative approaches around the world.


* 4th International Certified Milling Training: 10-12 March 2022: WOW Convention Center

* 2nd International Cereal/Pulse/Feed Technologies Summit: 11-12 March 2022: IDMA Fairground 

* 3rd International Doyens' Award Ceremony: 11 March 2022: WOW Convention Center

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