Gerhard Schubert offers a complete digital package with

08 May 20182 min reading
With, packaging machine manufacturer Schubert is offering its customers a digital platform that will significantly improve service and system availability. This digital platform will open up new opportunities for preventive maintenance and communication with customers. Gerhard-SchubertThe Crailsheim-based The Gerhard Schubert GmbH, a pioneer in the engineering and design of digital packaging machines, developed the GRIPS. world digital platform in order to be able to offer its customers the full potential of networked machine solutions in the future. As of May 2018, all TLM machines will be able to connect to the platform via the Internet. With, customers will soon be able to access TLM system production data from anywhere worldwide. If an intervention by a Schubert service technician is required, remote maintenance can be activated by the customer. With the data collected, predictive maintenance can be used to identify potential problems at an early stage, thereby avoiding downtime and unplanned service calls. In the future, the system will forward error messages or possible causes of an impending failure to the responsible employee, e.g. via mobile devices. This notification will take place even before the actual part wears out, thus avoiding a costly failure. The operator then receives suggestions for remedial action from the program. The objective is to entirely avoid unplanned downtime. With the aim of keeping total plant efficiency at the highest possible level over the entire service life of the machines, the performance and deviations from specified target states will be continuously adjusted in the future. The customer will always have an overview of this data via a dashboard and, for example, receive recommendations for increasing production capacity and optimising capacity utilisation. With this information and the results of integrated condition monitoring, customers can increase their productivity and compete more successfully.
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