FarinoAdd-S300: Reliable analysis of gluten-free raw material

03 April 20192 min reading

The FarinoAdd-S300 now also allows the evaluation of the kneading behaviour of plastic doughs with the Brabender Farinograph.

As an extension to the Sigma Kneader S300 and the Farinograph TS and Farinograph E, the new accessory FarinoAdd-S300 can now be used to measure the rheological properties of products made from gluten-free flours. The characteristic feature of the obtained dough is its extreme plasticity. Until now, the use of the Farinograph for this type of dough was very challenging, as the lid of the rheometer could be pressed on during the measuring process and no homogeneous dough could be produced.

The FarinoAdd-S300 can be used in numerous ways in product development, recipe optimization and quality control. With the help of the tool, the properties of the flour during kneading and the water absorption are determined. The resistance of the product to the blades of the measuring kneader is recorded as a torque curve, the Farinogram. This allows the optimum water content of the dough to be determined, kneading and mixing properties to be improved and flour specifications to be defined for specific applications.

By means of this accessory, flours and doughs made of corn, rice, quinoa, amaranth, various legumes or millet can be analyzed, amongst many others. The aim is to imitate the rheological properties of wheat doughs on the basis of these gluten-free flours, which do not form an adhesive network. The results of the study make it possible to improve or maintain product quality and save material costs.

Simple handling and fast evaluation The FarinoAdd-S300 consists of three parts that can be mounted on the Sigma Kneader S300 in a few easy steps. They prevent the lid of the kneader from being pushed upwards by the plastic dough and enable a good mixing of flour and water. The tool is compatible with MetaBridge software, which allows flexible test design and fast evaluation of measurement data.

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