07 June 20182 min reading
"The most important factors that affect the flour yield are raw materials, equipment and process. Higher flour yield can only be achieved with higher wheat quality. Therefore, selection of raw materials is a critical factor. Also, high efficiency cleaning equipment and efficient wheat tempering system with accurate automated moisture control hardware is of great importance. Besides that, proper handling, cleaning and preparation for milling are significant to prevent unnecessary losses of wheat.Wheat-flour The efficient use of resources is critical for every sector. This rule is also vital for the milling industry, where fierce competition is experienced and profit margins are low. The size of the production is a critical element in reducing the costs. The larger the production capacity is, the lower the cost per ton of flour will be. Therefore millers do their best to obtain high efficiency. Raw material, equipment and production flow are the key factors affecting the flour yield. Grain characteristics such as moisture content, environmental characteristics such as temperature and humidity in the mill and the level of experience of the miller are other factors affecting the yield. Besides that; proper handling, cleaning and preparation for milling are significant to prevent unnecessary losses of wheat. High efficiency cleaning equipment available from major flour milling equipment manufacturing companies offer cleaning solutions minimizing losses. We have consulted all these aspects to Mr. Ashok Sarkar, senior adviser at the Canada International Grain Institute (CIGI), a reputable independent source for milling, quality and end-use functionality expertise for millers, and Mrs. Sophia Ren, General Manager of the Zhengzhou-based Double-lion Machinery Company. While Mr. Sarkar shares with us his meticulous and guiding research into the factors that affect the flour yields, Mrs. Ren writes an article focusing on equipment impact.
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