Depart takes a step into the food processing industry with the agreement signed in Italy

07 July 20232 min reading

Depart which serves more than 80 countries in the milling industry; agreed with Italian Sarp Food Technologies by signing a representative agreement for 30 countries.

Cengiz Tiryakioğlu

After providing innovative solutions for the milling industry, machine spare part sales and after-sales services; Alapala Holding group company Depart also showed its presence in the packaging industry with the agreement made in the past months and started its sales and marketing activities. Now as per the new announcement, they agreed with Sarp; the Italian food processing machinery manufacturer.

Announcing that they have now added spiral conveyor belts and food processing systems to their product range with the agreement made in Italy; Depart stated that they will respond to different needs such as drying, sterilizing, pasteurizing, cooling, freezing or leavening in all food products.

Depart’s General Manager Cengiz Tiryakioğlu made a statement regarding the agreement; “According to the agreement we made; Sarp accepted Depart as representative in 30 countries. We have prepared our sales and marketing infrastructure of the food processing machines that will provide various advantages to many food manufacturers such as spiral coolers, spiral freezers, spiral pasteurizer and proofers. This month, our sales team started to work in the countries we took over for Sarp machines which provide many advantages, especially energy-saving and waste-free production. We will continue to offer innovative solutions to manufacturers by continuing to move forward with a one-stop shop approach in all fields we operate.”

Depart which started out with the sales of milling machine spare parts; today plays an active role in the milling industry innovative solutions, optical sorters, rice and grain process machines, pasta spare parts, packaging technologies, logistic solutions and food process systems.

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