Depart shook hands with Italian HBTS Packaging

02 June 20232 min reading

Cengiz Tiryakioğlu
Depart’s General Manager 

Depart expands Depart Packaging Solutions product range by signing an agency agreement with Italian HBTS Packaging.

Depart; Alapala Holding’s group company which is known in milling spare part sales and after-sales services, pasta spare parts, telescopic conveyor systems, sorting&rice machines, end of line packaging machines is expanding its packaging solutions.

Besides end of line packaging and horizontal-flowpack packaging systems, Depart now meets meets also vertical packaging needs under “Depart Packaging Solutions” within the scope of primary packaging solutions.

Depart’s General Manager Cengiz Tiryakioğlu made a statement regarding the agreement: “By following the modern packaging technologies closely, we support our customers flawless production with the same precision as in the milling field. With the assurance of Depart, we meet our customers with reliable, customizable systems according to their needs. Now we will offer vertical packaging solutions with the capacity to meet the needs of fast production facilities by shaking hands with Italian packaging leader HBTS Packaging.”

From now on, Depart will manage the sales and marketing of HBTS’s vertical packaging machines in all Africa, Far East, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

With its worldwide distribution network, after-sales services and high customer satisfaction, Depart is rapidly advancing in the packaging field. Under the name of “Depart Packaging Solutions”, Depart meets the needs of all sectors that uses packaging.

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