Corinne Roux appointed Chairperson of the IGC for 2020/21

09 July 20202 min reading

The International Grains Council announced the appointment of Ms. Corinne Roux, Policy Advisor, Trade Relations Unit, Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG), Switzerland as IGC’s Chairperson for 2020/21. Ms. Roux is very familiar with the IGC and its work having served as Switzerland’s representative to the organisation since 2014. Previously Ms. Roux was involved in the negotiations of the new Food Assistance Convention which came into effect in 2012.

During her tenure, Ms. Roux is particularly interested in working with the Secretariat and Council members to further develop information and transparency in the global grains, oilseeds and rice markets. Following the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 crisis, the Secretariat will issue 5-year supply and demand forecasts for 2021-2026 for the main grains, oilseeds and rice, with a particular focus on demand trends. The report will be made available on the IGC public website in January 2021.

Switzerland is also interested in encouraging dialogue and cooperation between the public and private sectors and will co-organise a seminar with the IGC Secretariat in January 2021 to promote global trade in the grains, oilseeds and rice sectors, which will also be one of the main themes of the next IGC Grains Conference in June 2021.

On her appointment, Ms.Roux said “I would like to thank the Council for supporting my candidacy as Chair of the IGC for 2020/21. The last months with COVID-19 have underlined the importance of the IGC and the Secretariat’s work to share unbiased and transparent information in order to allow importers, exporters and producers to react to new situations and to make informed decisions. I am looking forward to supporting the organisation in that role.”

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