Cargill to change Krefeld’s starch plant to wheat

04 August 20192 min reading

Cargill has announced that it is investing US$200 million to diversify its starches and sweeteners portfolio by transforming its factory in Krefeld in Germany from corn to wheat.

U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill confirmed it will develop its starches and sweeteners factory in Krefeld in Germany, changing the plant to wheat raw material from corn in a $200 million investment project. The project had been announced in January 2018. No figures on plant production capacity or tonnage of wheat involved were given. Construction will begin in early 2020 with completion expected by summer 2021, Cargill said in a statement. The first deliveries of wheat-based products will start in autumn 2021. The Krefeld plant currently produces starches and sweeteners from the raw material corn for the food and technical industries including marmalades, jams, sweets, chewing gum and custard powder. “The increasing demand for protein rich foods driven by the growing world population and the rising need for industrial starches in the packaging industry are driving the need for vegetable proteins and specialized starches,” Cargill said. By transforming the site from corn to wheat Cargill said it can add wheat proteins and specialized starches to its portfolio. The new unit, which will be built on the current factory site, will meet high standards of reliability and sustainability, it said. For more than 60 years, 550 employees have been producing starch and starch derivatives for the food and feed, chemical and pharmaceutical industries at the factory. Cargill has been operating in Germany since 1955 and employs 1,700 people at 12 locations.

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