Bühler increases production efficiencies and yield via digital solutions

11 November 20194 min reading

Bühler continues to develop digital solutions to enable improvements in efficiency and yield. Bühler’s Error & Downtime Analysis (EDA) is a digital tool which analyzes a mill’s performance. With EDA historical and actual data are collected, analyzed and visualized. Another cloud-based tool Yield Management System (YMS) enables yield monitoring from anywhere at any time.

Bühler Insights, the first cloud platform dedicated to the food and feed industry, is helping to drive up yields, reduce waste, and improve food safety. The platform enables secure, high-performance, reliable digital services that, together with blockchain technologies, can achieve significant progress in improving safety, quality, efficiency, and traceability across food production value chains. One of the digital tools Bühler offers for the millers is Error & Downtime Analysis (EDA). EDA is a digital tool which analyzes a mill’s performance. It shows machine and process malfunctions in a structured manner. These insights are the basis for predictive maintenance and self-improving processes. Customized trends and benchmarking options create transparency and increase uptime by up to 1 %. With EDA historical and actual data are collected, analyzed and visualized. Anomalies can be detected and optimally broken down to their root cause. This fast and convenient way to identify potential improvements increases plant availability and efficiency sustainably.

Data from plant control system brought to the cloud EDA collects data from Bühler’s plant control system (WinCos V2 r.2 or Mercury MES) and visualizes it on Bühler Insights. The digital service allows filtering based on sections and time. In addition, machines with the most faults and equipment or shifts with the least uptime can be identified. Depending on age, process, degree of automation or service cycles, the potential for improvement varies from plant to plant. However, even a slight increase in plant uptime can result in an amortization of less than one year. In the best case scenario, EDA pays-off after just a few months.

ACHIEVE CONSISTENTLY HIGH YIELDS WITH YIELD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Yield is the main lever to improve the profitability of a flour mill. Bühler’s cloud-based Yield Management System (YMS) enables yield monitoring from anywhere at any time. Based on its integration with Bühler Insights, it makes deviations between different recipes visible and comparable. Thresholds and notifications can be set in order to prevent below standard operating conditions. Both the additional transparency and push notifications help food producers to react quickly if deviations become apparent. With YMS a constantly high yield can be achieved – which is crucial for running a profitable food processing business.

CLOUD BASED YIELD CONTROL Bühler’s YMS integrates data from defined scales directly into Bühler Insights, independent of the plant control system. Various lines can be visualized and assessed. Thanks to the online data collection even those of plants in different locations. By comparing recipe-based yields, the overall mill performance can be continuously improved. First on-site installations have confirmed the potential of digital services. Additional information provided by data analysis allows systems to be operated at a different level. Yield improvements in the region of 1 % have been achieved – even in modern, well operated and maintained flour mills. Given the potential with interconnected and self-optimizing processes this is only the beginning.[box type="shadow" align="alignright" class="" width="300"]Bühler Insights EDA and YMS are available on Bühler Insights, a central platform for Bühler’s digital services. There, data is collected, analyzed and transformed to valuable information about the mill’s operation. Ultimately, predictive services and machine learning modules will help to improve quality and efficiency of milling plants even further. Bühler Insights is based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud providing maximum reliability and data security. After an initial investment for installation and onboarding the services are available on a subscription base.[/box]

Learn more about EDA here: Learn more about YMS here:

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