Bühler builds a factory for Turkish flour company

12 April 20183 min reading

Swiss giant Bühler is building Söke Milling’s factory in Ankara that will triple Turkish company’s production. Thanks to the new factory, Turkish company will expand its exports.


Söke Milling Company, which has been active in the milling sector for 55 years and broke grounds, will heat up the flour market and expand abroad with the company’s new investment. Thanks to the new facility being built in Ankara, Söke will triple its production. With the new factory, the company will hire 200 workers. In 1963, the company opened its first factory in Söke, a district in western city Aydın, with the Swiss giant Bühler’s machinery and technology. Now, Bühler itself installs Turkish company’s Ankara factory. The new factory will open in May as Söke works around the clock in its current facilities. There will be many ground-breaking applications in the new factory that was built on 23 acreages, 9,600 square meters of which is closed space. Speaking about the new investment, Başar Kılıç, CEO of Söke Flour, said that, “As Söke we are accelerating our growth with our new investment. We provide employment. We are increasing our contribution to the Turkish economy. Quality has been an indispensable matter for Söke since its foundation. This criterion played a decisive role in our investment. In this new factory, we use Bühler machinery, which is the superior brand in the milling technology. By choosing the location in the Central Anatolia, we solidified our existence in Anatolia, and we will have the opportunity to use high qualified wheat in this region. This investment will open the way for us to expand in abroad and will empower the sector.”

LEADER OF BRANDED FLOUR MARKET Saying that Söke’s place in the sector has been solidified with new investments, Kılıç maintained that, “Söke leads the branded flour market. With new products and investments in recent years, we continued to grow. In 2017, we took 20 percent share in the branded flour market that consolidated our leading position. As we increased our growth rate, we also increased our turnover to 262 million Turkish liras in 2015 while this figure was 206 million in 2015. In 2018, we aim to go beyond 350 million liras. I believe that this investment will make a great contribution not only to the domestic market but also for our overseas growth target. In the forthcoming periods, we will continue to make new investments, grow and take decisive steps with our leading role.”

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