Bucharest gears up for premier grain conference

18 March 20242 min reading

Bucharest is set to host the EuroGrainExchange 2024, an esteemed gathering dedicated to fostering growth and innovation in the grain industry across Central and Eastern Europe. Taking place at the Radisson Blu Hotel Congress Centre, this premier spring summit promises two days of unparalleled networking opportunities and insightful discussions.

With a focus on enhancing food sustainability and security for Europe, EuroGrainExchange 2024 boasts a robust agenda featuring thought-provoking panels and presentations. Key highlights include discussions on the formation of new origination superpowers, the significance of the Black Sea as a price maker, and the reconnection of the Danube region. Additionally, industry experts will delve into topics such as supply chain volatility, demand dynamics, and emerging market trends.

Renowned speakers will grace the event, sharing their expertise and insights on various aspects of the grain industry. Notable speakers include Petar Dimitrov, Founder & Senior Broker at Agricore (Bulgaria); Jose Angel Olivero Garcia, Sales Director at Lipsa (Spain); Iryna Ozip, Marketing Director and Analyst at APK-Inform Agency (Ukraine); Mehdi Zerzeri, CEO of Les Grands Moulins de Tunis, Euromag (Tunisia); and many more esteemed professionals.

EuroGrainExchange 2024 also offers attendees the opportunity to participate in two pre-conference seminars: the Shipping Seminar, providing insights into shipping and maritime disputes, and the Risk Management Workshop, offering fundamentals of commodity price risk management.

In addition to the informative sessions, EuroGrainExchange 2024 offers attendees two days of networking with industry leaders, providing a unique platform to build relationships and explore collaborative opportunities across diverse sectors of the agribusiness industry.

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