Brazil's agribusiness fair spurs machinery industry's $47M export forecast

07 June 20232 min reading

Carried out by Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS) Program, the International Business Round helps promoting exports and reaches revenues 213% higher than projected; more than 500 meetings were held during the Agrishow.

Paulo Guerra

Projections for machinery and equipment exports in the Brazilian agribusiness industry are positive for the next 12 months. After the International Business Round held early May, during the 28th edition of Agrishow, the largest agricultural technology fair in Brazil, the estimate is of USD 47 million in business, being USD 6.67 million during the event and other USD 40 million expected throughout the next year.

These data were disclosed by the Brazil Machinery Solutions (BMS) Program, which resulted from a partnership between ApexBrasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and ABIMAQ (the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Association). The dynamic counted on the participation of 56 Brazilian companies and 15 buyers from 10 countries.


“These data show the resumption of agribusiness negotiations, which started at last year’s event, in addition to reinforcing the credibility of Brazilian technologies focused on the industry. The fair as a whole broke estimates records, concerning the audience and revenue. In line with Agrishow, the business originated in the International Round also exceeded initial expectations by 213%,” says Paulo Guerra, Commercial Promotion and Institutional Relations Manager at ABIMAQ.


In total, more than 500 meetings were held. On the occasion, attendees could enter into trade agreements with players in markets such as South Africa, Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Ghana, Hungary, Nicaragua, Peru, Kenya, and the Dominican Republic.




In addition to the International Business Round, BMS promoted the participation of foreign journalists for the international coverage of Agrishow 2023. The initiative was carried out with press professionals from India, Peru, and Turkey, who could learn about the main technologies and differentials of the Brazilian agricultural equipment and machinery industry through the Image Project.


The Brazil Machinery Solutions Program aims at promoting machinery and tools exports, in addition to strengthening Brazil’s image in the international market and establishing strategic partnerships to boost the industry development.


“The presence of the international press at the event plays a fundamental role in positioning Brazil as a protagonist in the global scenario and strengthening trade relations with other countries. Brazilian technologies and trends developed for the industry and that have visibility abroad create interest and have a positive impact on the agriculture sector in other nations,” concludes Paulo Guerra.




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