AI takes optical sorting to new levels of efficiency and quality

04 March 20242 min reading

With the brand-new AI powered software, BRAINTM, Cimbria introduces a highly advanced control system in its top range optical sorters. As an AI first mover in the optical sorting business, Cimbria combines many years of solid knowledge and expertise with high technology and artificial intelligence. The result is the ability to easily create the most complex recipes for the best optical sorting ever, increasing efficiency with up to 18 percent.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) now allows customers to experience easy and simple handling of optical sorters from Cimbria while operating at a highly advanced level. The combination of human operation and machine learning increases the precision sorting of raw materials for impressive results. 

"With BRAIN, we have revolutionized the operation of our top-range optical sorter. Drawing on our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of optimal sorting practices, we've developed intricate recipes for optical sorting. This simplifies the manual operation of the machine, as artificial intelligence has already fine-tuned the settings for an optimized outcome," explains Michela Pelliconi, Head of Sales Optical Sorting at Cimbria. She continues, "The BRAIN software's complex algorithm empowers the SEA.IQ PLUS optical sorter to precisely identify elements, distinguishing color, shape, size, and defects swiftly and easily. This not only saves precious time but also reduces manual workload significantly."

The highly qualified and thus very attractive technical staff overseeing optical sorters benefit from BRAIN, which simplifies machine use by providing AI generated recipes. This reduces reliance on individual interpretation, leading to faster and simpler operations. This enhanced application allows operators to manage multiple sites and machines, increasing overall efficiency by approximately 18 percent.

Artificial intelligence is as good as the data it is built on. With Cimbria’s market leading knowhow and decades of experience, the AI powered software is based on unique insights as well as massive and long-term experience on the most optimal sorting processes to secure the best quality of the end product. 

“AI is an inevitable part of global business in 2024. At Cimbria, we are very proud of being the very first in our industry to introduce the extensive benefits and possibilities of artificial intelligence. With the launch of BRAIN, we have taken the first step into the endless opportunities of AI with the main focus on improving efficiency and quality for our customers”, says Michela Pelliconi. 

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