45 nations struggle for food security

16 April 20242 min reading

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), there is a pressing need for external food assistance in 45 countries worldwide: 33 in Africa, nine in Asia, two in Latin America and the Caribbean, and one in Europe. The primary drivers of acute food insecurity in these regions are conflicts in Near East Asia also West and East Africa, and widespread dry weather conditions in southern Africa.

Cereal production increased in East Africa in 2023, except in Sudan, where conflict led to a sharp decrease, and most countries in West Africa experienced above-average harvests because of favorable weather conditions, but North and Southern Africa are expected to face production declines in 2024 due to widespread rainfall shortages and high temperatures.

In Asia, favorable conditions for wheat production in Far East Asian countries is expected to lead to high output, while mixed conditions prevail in Near East Asian countries, with many requiring sustained rainfalls for greater wheat yields. Early seasonal rainfall deficits are likely to limit yields in Central Asia.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, adverse weather conditions have limited maize production, although an above-average harvest is expected in Brazil. Maize outputs are expected to recover in Argentina and Uruguay in 2024 after dry weather that reduced harvests in 2023. Violence in Haiti has decreased agricultural production, and dry conditions in Mexico have reduced wheat plantings for 2024.

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