3 liras per ton rental support for licensed storage

19 November 20141 min reading
According to the new decision of the Council of Ministers 3 liras per ton monthly rental support shall be provided for Cereal and Pulse products which are stored in licensed warehouses. "Decision Regarding The Support Payment To Be Made In The Case That He Agricultural Products To Be Stored In The Warehouses Which Are Active By Obtaining Licenses Within The Scope Of 5300 Numbered Agricultural Products Licensed Storage Law” of Council of Ministers has entered into effect after being published in Official Gazette. According to the decision taken in order to support the licensed storage; 3 liras per ton monthly shall be paid for wheat, barley, rye, oat, corn, rice, lentil, chickpea, bean, peas and sunflower which are kept in licensed warehouses. Procedures and principles regarding the application of the decision shall be determined by the communiques to be provided by Food, Agriculture and Livestock. The decision shall be applied for a period of 5 years.
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