“We export 90-95 percent of our production”

07 February 20184 min reading

“Imeco exports 90-95 percent of the machines it produces. Our business has exports at its core. The Italian domestic market is also important to us. But the milling sector in Italy is saturated. We are also focused on abroad. We are all over the world. We have a lot of references abroad. Imeco is a well-known company. In the upcoming period, we have high expectations for the African market. Our expectations for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, and of course Sudan and Nigeria, particularly the Maghreb region are very strong.”


Edoardo BALDIN - Imeco, Regional Director for Africa

Italian company Imeco is one of the leader companies in dosing, weighing and packaging system for bulk products. It has 30 years of expertise in providing weighing, dosing, bagging and palletizing solutions for bulk products. Their machines have been successfully installed in plants not only in Europe but also throughout the entire world. They have sales representatives in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Oceania, North America, Central America and South America. They have been supplying solutions to both end users and leading engineering companies. Imeco factory is based in the very heart of the main agricultural area of Northern Italy, in Cremona, around 100km south-east of Milan, which is also in the middle of one of the most advanced industrial areas of Europe. Its production plant has 2000 square meters dedicated to the production and 900 square meters for the offices. Edoardo Baldin, Area Manager (Africa and French-speaking countries) of Imeco, give an interview to Miller Magazine in JTIC International organized in Paris about their operations and market regions they interested. Pointing out that Imeco focused on exporting, “We export 90-95 percent of our production. We are present in all over the world. Our many references speak for themselves.” he said.

Here are Mr. Baldin answers to our questions on weighing and bagging specialist Imeco:

Could you please tell us about your company and your scope of the field and business area? My company is very important in milling industry. Imeco was born more than thirty years ago. What do we do? We produce weighing systems for the mills. We manufacture all the systems of the weighment from the intake to the finished products, yield management, flow dozers, micro dozers for additives, auto-dampening systems and packaging with open –mouth bags where we have a specialized level of expertise.

One of our main field of business is milling. The second one is concerning the agro-industrial: fertilizer, sugar, salt, seeds and animal feed. These are our core businesses.

What do you think about this fair and what is your current business with the French market? I am involved to find here good partnership for the agro-industrial field. In any French town, there is one or more mills. Moreover, there are many old mills that need to be revamped and updated. They must be certified to the new safety and sanitation standards.

Where you export your products? Which regions are important for you? What is your export target and expectations?

As I’ve said Imeco export 90-95 percent of its production. Our core business is on the export. The internal market is of course important for us, We have a lot of references in Italy but the milling industry now is saturated. We export to all around the world. We are present in the entire world and we have customers in all over the world. Our references are very rich. Imeco is a well-known company.

For next year in Africa, I have strong expectations in the Maghreb, Algeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, and of course Sudan and Nigeria as well.

Southeast Asia also has big potential. Do you export to this region? Of course, we are present in Asia. We have different branches with very professional agents where we provide after-sales service. This is our important key for business. So, we are a manufacturing Company and then we need to guarantee and take care our customers through an appropriate Service.

Do you have Turkish partners? Do you have plans to find the clients or partners in Turkey? Turkish market is very important and the milling industries is very developed. We have some Turkish supplier of mill that buying some kind of machines from us for integration.

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“We export 90-95 percent of our production”

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