Joint education summit by TMO, IDMA and TABADER

11 February 20223 min reading

TABADER 4th International Certified Milling Training Program, which will be held with the support of the Turkish Grain Board (TMO), which plays a critical role in ensuring the food security of Turkey and carries out significant works in terms of regulating the domestic market, will make a great contribution to the trained labor force of the sector. TABADER Summit, which will be organized simultaneously with IDMA&VICTAM, International Milling Machinery, Grain and Pulses Processing Technologies Exhibition, will be held at Istanbul Expo Center. 

Within the scope of TABADER 4th International Certified Milling Training Program, courses related to Certified Milling Training will be given to different sectors as grain, pulses and feed. On the first and second days of the training, general training will be given in a single hall, and on the next 3 days, special lessons will be given in 2 separate halls. The courses will be given by the representatives of the leading technology manufacturers and suppliers of the sector and academicians who are experts in their fields.

Some of the subjects that will be included in the scope of the training are as follows: Energy management in grain milling; automation and process control; licensed warehousing; Electronic Commodity Exchange, ELUS (Electronic Licensed Warehouse Receipt) / TÜRİB (Turkish Commodity Exchange) Markets; pre-cleaning process in grain milling; milling machinery and milling technology; milling and diagram techniques; Bread: Past, Present and Tomorrow; pasta production technology, rice processing technology, pulses processing technology and frozen dough technology. 

3rd international doyens' award ceremony

On the other hand, TABADER International Doyens' Meeting and Award Ceremony, which is a first in the world in the sector, will meet the winners for the third time. The award ceremony, which will be held within the scope of IDMA Exhibition, will be held in Istanbul on March 11, 2022. At the gala dinner, awards in the categories determined by the selection committee will be presented to the leading individuals and institutions of the sector. 

Industry will be awarded in 6 categories

Half-Century Doyens of the Industry: The doyens, who have contributed to the development of the sector and completed 50 years in the sector worldwide.

Those Who Left Us: The doyens who have added value to the sector around the world and passed away.

Those Who Contributed to the Development of the Sector: The gems who have operated in the industry worldwide and contributed to its development.

Those Who Brought Value to the Sector: Experts working in different fields around the world but still adding value to the industry.

Young TABADER: TABADER's young members, who have developed the industry with the studies they have done, the theses they have done, the new companies they have established, the new approaches and innovations they have adopted.

The Foundation of the Year: The visionary institutions and organizations (exchanges, chambers, exporter unions, associations, unions, etc.) that contribute to the development of the industry with their valuable works and innovative approaches around the world.


* 2nd International Cereal/Pulse/Feed Technologies 

Summit: 11-12 March 2022

* 4th International Certified Milling Training: 

10-12 March 2022

* 3rd International Doyens' Award Ceremony: 

11 March 2022

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