Richardson acquires UK-based Anglia Maltings, enters malting business

04 August 20232 min reading
Richardson Malting (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Richardson International Limited, has recently made a significant move into the malting industry with its successful acquisition of Ragleth Limited, the parent organization of Anglia Maltings Limited. 

This strategic development marks a pivotal moment in Richardson’s long-term growth strategy, showcasing their commitment to diversification and expansion in the food processing industry. Headquartered in Norfolk, England, Anglia Maltings is a renowned maltster and grain processor that comprises multiple businesses, including Crisp Malt, Micronized Food Products (MFP), and EDME Food Ingredients. The company operates seven malt facilities spread across the UK, Poland, and Germany, with a combined capacity of 440,000 metric tons. Crisp Malt, one of Anglia Maltings’ subsidiaries, partners with local farmers to source top-quality malted barley, serving breweries, distilleries, and the food industry on a global scale. MFP specializes in producing cereals and pulses for brewing and animal feed, while EDME Food Ingredients focuses on malted and non-malted products tailored for the baking industry.

Richardson’s latest announcement follows a series of significant investment initiatives in recent years. In 2021, the company made substantial capital investments in oilseed and milling processing facilities in North America and Europe. That same year, the company acquired Italgrani USA, North America’s largest durum miller and a major supplier of semolina flours to international pasta markets. 

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