Plant-based proteins: The entire value chain under one roof at GoodMills Innovation

27 October 20223 min reading

The sales, marketing and application technology activities for the legume flours of Müller's Mühle Business Solution have become part of the GoodMills Innovation portfolio.

The range of legume flours perfectly complements the extensive, predominantly cereal-based offerings of GoodMills Innovation. The legume flours thus increase the growth and development potential of the plant-based alternatives, snacks and bakery markets. Although both companies are already under the same corporate umbrella, the merger and implementation of the B2B sales division "Plant-Based Proteins” means existing synergies can be exploited, along with the pooling of expertise in European sales, application technology and product development.

The Hamburg-based company GoodMills Innovation develops and produces ground-breaking ingredients based on cereals and pulses for versatile applications in artisanal bakeries, the baking and snack industry as well as in the field of plant-based alternatives.

The aim of the merger is to further develop the "Plant-Based Proteins" business and establish the product range in the European market as functional ingredients for plant-based alternatives, snacks and baked goods. Dr. Gregor Peter, Chairman & Managing Director GoodMills Innovation GmbH, says: “We will further expand the segment for innovative legume flours in close cooperation with Müller's Mühle. Both product lines also complement each other perfectly. Together with our application technology know-how, on-site refining techniques and understanding of the market, there is a lot of new potential going forward.”


The merger  took place on 1 October 2022, at the beginning of the new financial year. GoodMills Innovation is now the new contact for all matters related to the group's B2B ingredient activities. Müller's Mühle, meanwhile, will focus on sourcing, raw material supply, manufacturing and quality management.

Dr. Peter explains the decision to merge: “By joining forces, we will be able to better respond to the future needs of both our customers and consumers. Through close interlinking along the entire value chain, we offer our customers a real advantage and added value in the competitive food market.”


The legume flours produced by Müller's Mühle complement the range: SMART® PULSES, SMART® PULSES PRO and PURAFARIN® PULSES are made from the raw materials fava bean, red lentil, yellow pea and chickpea, and are gluten- and soy-free. They are an optimal extension of GoodMills Innovation's VITATEX® and WHEATMEAT® texture range based on wheat, pea and soy. GoodMills Innovation and Müller's Mühle are thus using their synergies to meet the needs of the growing plant-based segment and thus position themselves as a competent and solution-oriented partner in the European food market.

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